Got questions? We are here to help

Who is garagex5?

Garagex5 helps you get your car fixed at a lower cost by trusted mechanics. Our certified partner mechanics have over 30 years of experience in auto repair and maintenance. We treat each car as if it’s our own. All our repairs undergo a strict quality control, while assuring low cost. As an added convenience, we offer Uber ride credit for qualified repairs. Rest assured you are in good hands.

Do you offer a free diagnosis?

Yes, most diagnostic services are free. In rare cases, when we need to spend long hours to identify the root cause of the problem (usually electrical issues), there may be a fee associated with the diagnostics, however we will obtain your approval before doing the work.

Where is garagex5 located?

We are based in Los Angeles. Our diagnostic garage is located at 8556 Sepulveda Blvd, North Hills, Ca 91343. For faster service, please first book online prior bringing the car to the garage. Click GET ESTIMATE to schedule time.

When can I bring my car for a repair or diagnosis?

Please first go to and click GET ESTIMATE. Follow the steps and schedule a time when you can bring the car for inspection. At the garage we will run diagnostic tests to identify the repair your car needs. The inspection may take a few minutes or longer depending on the issue. Also, feel free to call us if you would like us to pre-diagnose the car on the phone. Many times, we can identify a possible issue when customers tell us the symptoms of the problem.

Does your repair service come with a guarantee?

Our repairs are backed by 12,000 miles or 1 year guarantee, whichever comes first.

What allows you to offer lower cost for repairs as compared to competitors?

We service large number of cars every month, which allows us to offer lower prices for the repairs. Additionally, we source the car parts directly from the wholesale suppliers bypassing the middleman. We pass the savings to you.

Do you offer a free oil change (labor)?

Yes, we offer a free oil and filter change (labor only). This means, when you bring your oil and filter, we will replace the oil and filter for free. You must have a coupon to use this service. Restrictions apply. Here are the additional details:
1. If you have a flyer with a coupon code, please enter the coupon code by clicking ENTER COUPON link on
2. Follow the steps and book the time for the oil change (the available hours are Monday through Friday between 6pm and 9pm.)
3. By the oil and filter from AutoZone next door to us (or anywhere you like) and bring it with you to your appointment
4. We will replace the oil and filter free of charge
5. Please note: no existing customers of A&A automotive can use this service; Only cares 2015 and older; No RV or heavy-duty commercial vehicles.
Feel free to call us if you have any questions. Cheers!